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Sailing in San Blas, Panama

Sailing in San Blas, Panama

Stand up Paddleboarding in San Blas

Stand up Paddleboarding in San Blas

Sailing in San Blas Panama

At anchor with Yacht Latina cruises in San Blas

San Blas Islands, Panama

White Sandy Beach in the San Blas Islands

We have many dates available this year for Panama sailing trips in San Blas, Bocas del Toro and the Pearl Islands.

Our cruises range from 3 to 5 nights each with a minimum of 2 passengers per trip. Pricing depends on number of guests and vessel selected.  All sailboats and yachts are fully crewed and provisioned.

Mark your calendars now!  And book on any of our vessels.

All inclusive:

3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks, sodas/juices/water available.

NOT INCLUDED: transportation costs + alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor). BYO

Pick up transportation can be arranged from Panama city or beach communities.


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From Panama: (507) 6822-9714
From USA: (904) 707-3597

Custom cruises are available too. To inquire about pricing and availability please Contact Us!