Fishing in San Blas, Panama

The abundance of coral reefs and healthy waters make San Blas, Panama an excellent area for fishing. Out past the reefs, deep water species occur while inshore species wait for prey at the mouths of rivers and lurk in the coral reefs. The large numbers of fish and other sea creatures is reflected by the diet of the local Kuna people. The bounty of the sea provides them with most of their protein and this comes in the form of fish such as snapper, mackerel, and Snook, and tasty shellfish such as conch, rock lobsters, and big San Blas crabs!

Fishing in the San Blas Islands is as easy as casting a line into the water. You never know what you might catch as there are dozens of sport species. There will also be plenty of opportunities to go fishing because our boat captains do it most days to provide food for the table. This way, we ensure that guests will eat excellent dishes made with fresh fish and fantastic shellfish on a daily basis.  In addition to self-fishing we always try to procure fresh seafood from the locals.  This allows us to another avenue to support the Kuna community and also serves to improve the variety of seafood onboard.