Who, how, and what people enjoy these trips?

Our sailing trips and cruises are intended for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 guests (plus you have a  captain and a crewperson) However nearly every group and trip are tailored to suit request where possible. What this means is a single or couple fits easily into our mix and match booking system. Just talk to us! Its fun! That way we are also able to provide a captained yacht at most affordable rates. If you would like a family or private booking (of say two couples) please ask. We may need to apply a fair ‘lock out’ fee but don’t worry, all negotiable.

The above also means that non sailors can enjoy a sailing taster and a true paradise island holiday. What about young children? Our experience has been that young teens who have an interest in sailing or snorkeling enjoy these trips, immensely. Remember though that there is little cellphone coverage!

Younger children as part of a dedicated family group are okay but the onus really is on the parents for safety and controlling them. (although the captain Does have this experience!). Children are welcome but they can get bored since the adults like to chat and swim and drink and eat. The other side of the coin are the experienced sailors  who want to have crack at operating the yacht in one of warmest most unspoiled parts of the world! Welcome!