What is the itinerary for Latina vessels?

Trips are unique and the itinerary varies on several factors. These include wind & weather conditions, anchorages available, snorkeling conditions & availability of fish but of course it depends on you and your group too! We make the effort to provide a great cruising experience, coupled with seeing the best of the islands and Kuna life, but balanced in favor of your preferences. Depending on your mode of journey to the San Blas and where you enter (it may be El Porvenir, Carti or Nargana (Corazon)) will determine your pick up point and transfer method.

After a short welcome and introduction to the boat and crew we are on our way to the first night, hopefully with an island to ourselves! Your arrival in the islands is usually sometime in the morning before midday, with an aim to being at anchor by nightfall. On the day of departure you will leave the islands at a time which varies greatly on specific arrangements, but again generally the aim is to be back in the city before the evening.

Notice bookings refer to per night not per day, so for a three night booking you could largely have four days amongst the islands.  With 366 islands to choose from we are always seeking that ‘undiscovered’ spot.