What about seasickness? Should I be concerned about it?

You don’t  have to worry about seasickness too much. Most of where we sail is protected by an outer reef. This is what makes San Blas such a primo cruising ground. Thanks to this outer barrier reef protecting the low-lying islands, you do not have the waves and swells like you do on the open sea.

Be aware however, that at times we will be crossing channels to open sea, and there may be a bit more rolling motion during those brief periods on our sails.

If you feel you are extra sensitive and/or feel the need to protect yourself, use seasickness medication. We recommend Meclizine or Sturgeron as a preventative or remedy, or ginger tablets in the event of mild nausea or sour stomach. The magnetic wrist bands evidently work surprisingly well for some people. (www.reliefband.com) However the captain will keep saying, on and on, and on, drink fresh water until it runs from your nose! It is so important for many reasons. Bring your bottle!