Transport to San Blas, and the yacht?

Several options, but easier than you think.

By Car: Panama City to Carti/Barsukun via van or SUV service from Panama City. NB: To be prior arranged through the Kuna Yala Congresso HQ in Panama City. There are several traveling throughout each day from Panama City for an adventurous 2-3 hour drive from the city via the Interamericana highway to a road that has now been completed. Cost roughly $30 each way plus about $6-8 road tax and usually a $3 ‘port’ tax at Barsukun, finally about $8 to $18 per person for the lancha ride to the yacht. These small costs can vary and are not under our control. Depend on where you come from and how many of you in the lancha.

By Plane: Currently there is one flight on Air Panama every morning from Albrook Airport in Panama City (the national airport Not Tocumen) to El Porvenir. (and every second day into Corazon de Jesus) Flights leave very early in the morning, approximately 5:30-6 AM, so be prepared to be in Panama City at least the night before heading to San Blas. Flight time is approx 30 minutes.  Costs for flights are around $75 per person, each way. Be aware that if you fly, that you may need to wait near the airport before the trip starts. There’s a little hotel and nice beach on the island of El Porvenir.

By Boat: Panama City to Miramar (east of Portobelo) and then lancha through the surf and 1 to 2 hours offshore to reach El Porvenir. Costs range from $55 by road and lancha via Miramar (Approximately 4.5 hours travel time) each way. Please take these costs into account, as they are separate from the cost of the yacht trip, and we have no control over them. We can assist in the arrangements to get you in and out of San Blas, but bear in mind that this portion of the trip is the guests responsibility. We will always try to get flights booked first. It is much better for the all boats guests to travel together in terms of timing. (note that this method is least recommended)