Liquor, smoking and water. What do we need to know?

As we have said bring the alcohol that you need for your group. We can load quite a lot, it’s just a matter of lugging it all to the boat! We make the best efforts to have cold drinks as far as possible. It is all part of these particular adventures. Many evenings are fabulous relaxing moonlight dinners. All we ask is be aware that you may be with other folk and a boat is not as big as a hotel. So just think about who you may or may not be affecting, while you are having fun. Again the captain is experienced in all these matters so will guide the group. Narcotics can not be tolerated on our yachts, for several reasons, some which relate to regional security, but mainly for the above reason – that you are in close proximity to our other guests. Please do not bring any aboard. Tobacco smoking on board is possible, of course, however please never inside the vessel and only ‘downwind’ when on the deck. This means near the side where the wind blows the ash directly to the sea. Boats are flammable! The very stern or ‘swimming deck’ are the best areas for a group smoke.

Fresh water and drinking water. We have several tanks aboard which we fill with tap water and so on as we can. (water is NOT available on the islands) When its gone its gone. Please be frugal with sink and shower water. Shower -wet yourself- turn off-soap yourself- rinse off. 2 minutes. All do that and all is well. You will have enough for many showers in this warm climate. We do however have a reverse osmosis water maker on board (a standard yachting solution). This water is 100% H20 so is great for drinking. We save it to a special tank for drinking. It can be redirected to cleaning water but this is a waste and involves a lot of engine running and so on to generate enough water. So we have good drinking water available, so please bring one only 500ml water bottle that you can fill up.