Insects and the environment. What do I need to know?

Although we are in the tropics the trips are of course far enough offshore amongst the smaller islands. Generally it is insect free. Occasionally if we are near one of the few larger island groups, for example the eastern Hollandes, one may find sandflies or other flying insects. This however only occurs during certain times of the year, and day, and for short period, and near certain beaches . We sometimes burn ground coffee in a tin, which chases them away quite readily, if we ever need to. However if this is a concern for you then please bring something like Tabard gel or one of these Sun lotions with insect repellant combined. NOTE: spray all the outside of your luggage with Baygon or other strong insect spray a couple of days before your trip.  Reason: the eggs of various insects can adhere to your bags. This is especially true in storerooms of backpacker hostels. Of course we don’t want them on the boat, and these eggs can even be carried back to your home, where you are centrally heated, after your holiday. This works well, a simple yet effective precaution.