How formal are meals?

Formal is the wrong word of course! This is a holiday! Breakfast and lunch can be either organized or by your self simply depending on the group and taste differences, etc. Dinners are a coordinated effort by everyone, crew and guests. Various duties will be shared in preparing, cooking, and of course dishes and cleaning of the galley afterward. Understand with up to 10 people onboard, it’s very easy to split up duties. So…cooking and eating great meals onboard is a huge part of the fabric of these trips. Especially when you are dealing with fresh seafood, and cold beer and wine! We always strive to have a good stock of fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, deli meats, and a good selection of snacks. We fish off the boat during the trip, so whatever we catch usually ends up being dinner. Another aspect of the San Blas is buying fresh lobster, fish (many species), octopus and crab direct and live, from the Kuna canoes (cayucos). (This is however dependent on what is available).