Do we call this a yacht charter?

Strictly speaking this is not a yacht charter. We are able to offer the best of the island yachting experience for half the price, due to the way we structure the booking. A yacht charter is typically a commitment by one group or person to ‘buy’ the whole boat and crew on full service basis, usually for a week. This is much more costly and difficult to arrange amongst your friends. The Latina formula allows you to secure a place for yourself, as a couple, or as a family or larger group. We can operate a trip as long as we have a minimum of six persons (or by special arrangement). So we offer shorter ‘bite-size’ trips suitable for those who are not so sure about a full 7 days out of their overall holiday. It is a fun packed full island experience, however! This system is called by a variety of names worldwide, it may be ‘blue cruise’, ‘group sail’, or even ‘cabin charter’. Whatever you want to call it – you are assured of a great time.  The trips are scheduled well in advance. You can do as much as you like as regards sail and line handling, and helping on the yacht, or you can simply keep that tan going. Mealtimes are a wonderful team event and a high point of the day.